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Company Profile

Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited (the “Company”, “our Company” or “Guodian Tech”), formerly Guodian Technology & Environment Group Co., Ltd., was converted into a joint stock limited liability company on May 16, 2011 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) on December 30, 2011. The Company, together with its subsidiaries (the “Group” or “our Group”), is the flagship platform for environmental protection and energy conservation solutions and renewable energy equipment manufacturing and solutions businesses within the China Guodian Corporation (the “Guodian Group”) and its subsidiaries and associates.

The principal businesses of the Company are carried out under two segments, namely, the environmental protection and energy conservation solutions, and the renewable energy equipment manufacturing and services. The Company is a leading market player in the PRC in these industries given its advanced technology and diversified business models. In 2015, the Company was selected again among Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises and ranked 16th place, and was also awarded the Top 500 Global New Energy Outstanding Contribution Award for two consecutive years. The Company also ranked 209th among the Fortune China Top 500 Listed Company in 2015 published by Fortune Magazine.

In its environmental protection and energy conservation solutions business, the Group is the largest supplier of technology and integrated systems solutions to coal-fired power plants in the PRC, providing innovative and advanced technology designed to reduce pollutant emissions and to maximize efficiencies in resource utilization, with overall objectives of reducing the environmental impact of coal-fired power generation and maximizing cost-efficiencies and profitability for its customers. Leveraging on its comprehensive environmental protection and energy conservation technologies and solutions for all aspects of coal-fired power plants (with the core business lines being SO2 and NOx emissions reductions, water treatment, plasma ignition and combustion stabilization, and energy management contracts), the Group is capable of providing “One-stop Shop” solutions to its customers tailored for their specific needs. The Group is also one of the leading manufacturers of wind generation equipment in the PRC in its renewable energy equipment manufacturing and services business, with well-established brands and is well known for its product quality and performance. In line with its strategic focus on providing integrated solutions and services, the Group also provides renewable-energy related services such as the maintenance and repair of wind turbine generators business.

Focusing on technology innovation and industrial applications, the Group has gained a slew of innovative achievements in relation to significant technology and product innovation through original creation, resources consolidation and technology development. Among its leading technologies in the PRC or globally, the Group’s plasma ignition technology is ranked first in the world. In the domestic market, the Group possesses a leading position in many technologies, including wet flue gas desulfurization, seawater desulfurization, boiler low-nitrogen combustion and flue gas denitrification. Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (“Longyuan Environmental”), Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. (“Longyuan Technology”) (Stock Code: 300105), Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd. (“United Power”), Beijing Huadian Tianren Power Controlling Technology Co., Ltd. (“Huadian Tianren”), Beijing Guodian Zhishen Control Technology Co., Ltd. (“Guodian Zhishen”) have become well-known brand names in the PRC.

As of December 31, 2015, the Group had established 5 national scientific research platforms including the national key laboratories of wind generation equipment and system technology, 2 provincial-level key laboratories, 12 provincial-level enterprise technology (engineering technology) research centers, and 2 postdoctoral research centers. The Group is undertaking 78 continued scientific research and development (“R&D”) projects, among which there are 24 on-going research and science and technology projects of outstanding systems of national ministries and commissions and provinces and municipalities. The Group obtained significant results in the aspect of R&D of new model to wind generators, ultra-clean emission management of thermal power plant, water saving and zero sewage discharge of thermal power plant, conversion of lignite quality results and R&D in integrated energy saving technology of thermal power plant. In 2015, the Group harvested 299 forms of new intellectual property rights, including 87 invention patents. The Group has been granted 1,711 intellectual property rights, including 22 international invention patents and 309 invention patents, taking an absolute advantage in the industry.

The Company believes that its strategic focus on investing in and promoting technological R&D as a core activity to support the development of its various businesses has yielded substantial returns, allowing it to maintain its established position at the forefront of technological advancements in the environmental protection, energy conservation and renewable energy industries, and to develop innovative, practical and cost-efficient solutions and applications and high-quality products in these industries. The Company also believes that these industries are expected to play a key role in the sustainable growth and development of the PRC energy and power sector, which is integral to the sustainable economic growth and development in the PRC. Going forward, the Company expects to leverage on its operations in the PRC to expand internationally, with the objective of becoming a top tier supplier of integrated clean technology solutions and services.