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Corporate Governance

In order to enhance the long-term and stable development of the Company, the Company has been making continuous effort to standard and advance its structure of corporate governance based on the relevant laws and regulations in China, the requirements of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, and other regulatory requirements, thus having to set up the Shareholders´ General Meeting, the Board of Directors and its specialized committees, the Board of Supervisors, and the management team in charged by the General Manager. Such setups effectively promote the well-coordinated development of the Company. In the meantime, the Company has set down several institutional provisions such as "Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors", "Rules of Procedure for the Board of Supervisors", "Rules of Procedure for the Audit Committee", "Rules of Procedure for the Strategy Committee", "Rules of Procedure for the Nomination Committee", and "Rules of Procedure for the Remuneration and Appraisal Committee" so as to further guarantee the segregation of responsibilities between respective setups and the standardized operations, thus having further improved the level of corporate governance.