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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture Slogan

Diversified & New Culture


Corporate Culture Philosophy


Core Concepts

Core Values: Strict, Efficient, Upstraight, Harmonious

Corporate Spirit: A Never Ending Pursuit of Excellence

Vision: Home · Stage · Dream

Ethical Code: Integrity, Responsibility, Loyalty and Dedication

Strategic Thinking

To Build A Green Home with Innovative Energy Science and Technology

Strategic Objective: Build Top-notch Clean Energy Industry Group


Management Ideology

Human Capital: A magnet for industrial elites with a dream of green future

Technology: An industrial leader of continuous innovation

Branding: Green technology for a better world


Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct: Dedication, Professionalism, Teamwork and Execution

Employee Workplace Etiquette: Equal & Respectful, Solidary & Amicable, Gracious & Polite, Motivated & Confident

Management Code of Conduct: Accountability, Creativity, Motivation and Self-discipline


Logo of Cultural Communication

Green technology for a better world