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Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Solution

Environmental Protection Solution


Accumulative total contract capacity of desulphurization engineering exceeds 100 million KW, of which licensed contract capacity is above 22 million KW. Based on the accumulative total installed capacity on December 31, 2010 and June 30, 2011, the Company is the largest desulphurization EPC service provider and licensed desulphurization company. Its wet method desulphurization technology and seawater desulphurization technology have been widely used in Chinese power industry; and its limestone-gypsum wet flue gas desulphurization process  and widespread use were awarded the second prize of 2005 China Electric Power Science and Technology. Moreover, it has the amine method and organic amine desulphurization technologies, and byproducts are the basic fertilizer and industrial materials.


The total contract capacity of SCR De-Nox engineering which is under construction and put into production exceeds 40 million KW. Based on the newly increased installed capacity in first half of 2011, the Company is the largest general De-Nox engineering contractor. Its SNCR and SCR technologies, combined with two-scale low-nitrogen combustion technology, may provide De-Nox system solution which has been successfully adopted in many projects in China.

The Company can produce 16000 m3 honeycomb De-Nox catalyst annually. Besides self-use, export sales has created considerable income. At present, the Company is undertaking the national 863 project to carry out the R&D of De-Nox catalyst.

Ash Removal

The independently-developed rotary low-voltage pulse bag-type ash collector has advantages of large filter area under the same volume, good de-dusting effect, less maintenance work and low operation cost, etc., and has been successfully used in many large coal-fired power plants in China.

Water Treatment

The water treatment service mainly centers on water treatment in power plant, recycling of recycled water, municipal sewage, industrial waste water treatment and seawater desalinization. The water treatment business pattern is mainly the Engineering Project Contracting (EPC) and BOT. The Company also independently develops PVDF ultrafiltration (microfiltration) hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, which is widely used in treatment of sewage, recycled water, and tap water.

Energy Saving Solution

No-fuel Plasma Ignition and Stable Combustion


The Company is the world′s first technical company which massively produces applied plasma auxiliary fire coal. Since 2000, the installed capacity of power stations which use this technology has exceeded 250 million KW, and has won the national science and technology progress award for many times.

Power Station Residual Heat Recovery and Utilization

With the absorption heat pump and low-temperature economizer residual heat utilization technology, its first residual heat utilization project is the residual heat collection and centralized heat supply rehabilitation project of Guodian Datong No.2 Power Plant, and the energy saving and emission reducing effects are quite good.

Contract Energy Management

Based on the contract value, the Company is the largest contract energy management service provider and EMC service supplier in Chinese power industry. With several advanced energy saving technologies such as frequency conversion, steam turbine on-flow transformation and comprehensive boiler transformation, the company is able to provide complete service of energy saving technology diagnosis, investment, and transformation for power plant.