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Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Service

Wind Power Products and Service

WTG Manufacturing and Services

The Company engages in the design and R&D of large-scale WTG, manufacturing, sale and service of wind power equipment and spare parts, with the only national key lab of "wind power equipment and control technology" in China. The 1.5MW double-fed WTG has firstly passed the low voltage ride-through test in China and German GL zero-voltage ride-through test; WTG series includes 1.5MW, 2MW and 3MW, which helps the serial wind driven generator realize mass production of onshore, offshore, inter-tidal zone, high altitude and low wind velocity etc. The Company can deliver 2500 sets of complete units annually and develop key parts. It is a leading WTG manufacturer in China. 

WTG Parts Manufacturing

The Company has large-scale manufacturing base of WTG converter and pitch system. The annual production of 1.5MW, 2MW and 3MW double-fed WTG converters is 2000 sets, and that of pitch system (1.5MW to 6MW onshore and offshore WTG) is 2000 sets.


Solar Products and Service

Solar Products Manufacturing and Integrating

Existing products are mainly polycrystalline silicon components and product series in research and planned to be produced include monocrystalline, polycrystalline cell, high-efficient cell and components, thin film cell and components. The Company has made the design and development plan of concentrator cells and has the integral service abilities of R&D, manufacturing, scientific research, design, purchasing and construction of photovoltaic power station. Its scope of business includes development of power station project, sales of cell assembly products, main contracting construction for power station, power station sales and power station investment & operation, which provides integral solution for photovoltaic power station. The total volume of generally contracted photovoltaic power station construction projects comes out top in China.