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“Beautiful Youth with Efforts” Youth League Day Activity Held by Guodian Tech Youth League Committee

Date:2015-05-19  Author:Cui Haizheng&Jiang Quanyue  Source:Guodian Tech Headquarters  Print  Font size:Big Mid Small

“In future, I will learn from the three guest speakers to work solidly, sow the seeds of dream, and display the most beautiful and striving youth”, said one attendee after the activity as a promise to himself.  

On May 4, Guodian Tech Youth League Committee successfully carried out a Youth League Day activity themed as “Beautiful Youth with Efforts – Share Dream Catching Process”. Zhang Xiaodong, the Deputy General Manager attended the activity and delivered a speech. 

Zhang Xiaodong extended the warmest greetings to all the youths on behalf of Leading Party Group of Guodian Tech, and proposed six pieces of recommendations to all young employees for their future development: the first is to confirm ideals and faith, clarify the heading direction and keep improving confidence; the second is to lean advanced ideas, strengthen political acts, enhance scientific research and actively adapt to the new normal; the third is to set ideals and dreams, and establish the ambition to strive hard to realize the “China Dream” of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and “Guodian Dream” of building first-class comprehensive power group; the fourth is to emancipate the mind, advance with the times, strive to cultivate innovation consciousness, and keep improving technological innovation, system innovation and management innovation; the fifth is to work solidly, dedicate to the enterprise and post, strive to improve quality and capability, master perfect skills, and work hard based on the post to pursue the dream; the sixth is to keep integrity and abide by the law, temper the personality, carry forward the new style of the times and spread the positive energy of youth. 

This activity was divided into three chapters of “Set Sail”, “Catch the Dream” and “Fulfill the Dream”, and three common employees of Guodian Tech were invited as guests to share their stories. The young and vigorous “generation after 1990s” constituted field question group, and interacted with the guests. The three guests are young representatives of Guodian Tech. The atmosphere on site was fierce and touching. The attendees sufficiently felt the passion, endeavor and pursuit of dreams of Guodian Tech young employees. In the activity site, the “2014 Dream Crisper” was launched, and dreams in 2015 were collected. The video of dream show was made and played in roll inside elevators. 

Persons in charge of relevant departments of Guodian Tech headquarter, person in charge of the Youth League Committee, leaders in charge of Youth League work of Beijing-based units and over one hundred league members and youths attended the activity. 



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