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Guodian Tech “Chasing Dreams in Guodian” Speech Contest Lightening Way of Dream Chasing

Date:2015-07-16  Author:TXT/Wang Yan PIC/Zhang Ziqi  Source:Head Quarter of Guodian Tech  Print  Font size:Big Mid Small

On July 10, the “Chasing Dream in Guodian” speech contest final was held in Guodian Tech. He Lili, the member of Party Leadership Group, leader of Discipline Inspection Group and Chairman of Labor Union attended this speech contest and delivered a speech.  

He Lili said, this contest aimed to further implement the core strategic ideas of “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian”, better integrate to center and serve the general situation, and meanwhile select young talents with ambition and competence. She wished Guodian Tech employees should have a dream, and persistently and practically strive to realize the dream. Everyone’s Guodian Tech dream, Guodian Dream and China Dream should be supported by practices. 

In the final, the speeches of 10 contestants were attractive, impassioned and brilliant with one climax after another. They, based on work posts, affectionately told the excellent and touching stories of Guodian Tech employees who dared to chase their dreams during the process of “contributing clean energy and jointly building the beautiful homes”, sufficiently showed the vigorous and enthusiastic spirits of Guodian Tech. Finally, Tian Hao from Huatian Dianren won the first prize of the contest by affectionately telling the touching story about a young team striving for micro-grid control research for years built a “golden sun” on the roof of the world, and lightened the remote mountain areas in Tibet. 

It is learned that the speech contest themed as “Chasing Dreams in Guodian” was hosted by Labor Union of Guodian Tech, and the preliminary contest was came off on July 8. Totally 18 contestants from 11 subordinate units of Guodian Tech participated in the preliminary contest. Through the fierce competition, 10 contestants stood out and entered the final.



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