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Delegation of RSC Energia Visited Guodian Tech

Date:2015-10-26  Author:Li Yuanyuan, Cui Haizheng   Source:Head Office of Guodian Tech  Print  Font size:Big Mid Small

On September 9, the delegation of RSC Energia paid a visit to Guodian Tech. Deputy General Manager of RSC Engeria Yeifimova Anna, Li Junxia, Deputy Director of Russia Central Asia Office of the International Cooperation Department of the National Energy Administration, Ma Jun, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Overseas Business Division of China Guodian Corporation and Zhang Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager and Member of Leading Party Committee of Guodian Tech attended the meeting.

Zhang welcomed the delegation on behalf of Guodian Tech and briefly introduced the technical advantages of the company in the fields of energy conservation and environment protection. He pointed out that both parties are wished to further strengthen cooperation to establish the mutual-benefit and win-win mechanism, and Guodian Tech will proactively participate in the transformation consultation, design and construction of RSC Engeria and simultaneously hopes RSC Engeria can actively help to popularize the technologies and products of the company in Russia. Yefimova Anna introduced the RSC Engeria, praised the spirit of technical innovation and development achievements of Guodian Tech and expected bilateral cooperation issues.

At the meeting, the representatives from Longyuan Environmental, Longyuan Power, Guodian Zhishen and China Longyuan Power expounded their own core technologies in detail and both parties present conducted the in-depth discussion on the technology of energy conservation and environmental protection.



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