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Guodian Tech Held the Lecture of “Beauty of Chinese Classics” in the Morality Auditorium to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Date:2015-10-26  Author:Zhao Xiaoshuo, Liu Wenhao   Source:Head Office of Guodian Tech  Print  Font size:Big Mid Small

On September 25, at the time of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, a lecture of “beauty of Chinese classics” was held in the morality auditorium of Guodian Tech. The specially invited famous lecturer of Chinese classics, Yang Ruqing, gave a rich heritage cultural feast to the staff. He Lili, Member of Leading Party Committee and Leader of Discipline Inspection Group of Guodian Tech attended the lecture with 170-odd persons present.

The lecture was themed with “uniting knowledge and action and striving for perfection”, and Lecturer Yang took the philosophical thought of “uniting knowledge and action” of the renowned ideologist in the Ming Dynasty Wang Yangming as the mainline to elaborate the essences of thoughts and wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophy masters. Holding the Chinese classics lecture this time has multiple meanings, namely, the first one is to carry out the requirements of China Guodian Corporation for the education activities of “our festival”, “morality auditorium” and others to carry forward the socialist core value system and Guodian cultural spirit of “love our country, love our enterprise and love our family and strive to be the civilized Guodian people” to raise the literacy of the staff, realize the individual value and show the good image of Guandian; the second is to vigorously advocate the civilization practice, carry forward Chinese traditional virtues of unity and harmony, honoring the elderly and taking good care of relatives, helping those in distress and aiding those in peril, and courtesy and shame consciousness at the right time of Chinese traditional festival the Mid-Autumn Festival; the third is to inherit the essence of Chinese classics and enlighten the mind to learn modern wisdom from the traditional excellent culture to meet the spiritual needs of the staff and promote the scientific and harmonious development of the company.

The vast staff successively said that the lecture had made them have a more in-depth understanding of life and philosophy.



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