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Guodian Tech Made a Survey on the “Zero Wastewater Discharge” Project

Date:2016-07-11  Author:Chen Xue  Source: Lucency  Print  Font size:Big Mid Small

On July 8, the delegation of Technology Management Department of Guodian Tech went to Handan Thermal Power Plant to make an on-site survey on the “Water Saving and Zero Wastewater Discharge Technology” project , and checked the project progress. Relevant personnel from Beijing Lucency Enviro-Tech Co. Limited accompanied the delegation.

Persons in charge of Technology Management Department surveyed six sets of water treatment equipment on site, learnt the technology research, operation supervision and wastewater treatment situation in details and carefully listened to the report of technicians. Compared with the development situation of similar wastewater treatment technologies in China, the delegation proposed specific requirements for next stage of work: the first is to make periodic summary, make work plan for the next stage of work and to reach objectives; the second is to keep passion and enthusiasm for work, work hard, develop multiple skills; and the third is to improve quality and efficiency, and avoid waste of manpower, materials and resources.

It is said that the “Water Saving and Zero Wastewater Discharge Technology” project is a significant technological project of China Guodian Corporation undertaken by Lucency. water saving and zero wastewater discharge technology is an overall treatment technology disposing wastewater of power plant by many procedures, get high purity industrial salt products, and finally realize comprehensive utilization and reduction of the power plant wastewater.The technology can greatly lower operating expenses and improve economic benefits.




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