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Responsibility Idea

Since the world financial crisis in 2008, the problems of resources and environment have existed remarkably and the energy development mode taking green, intelligent and sustainable development as target has been the irreversible historical trend. In the 12th Five-year Plan, China takes greatly developing strategic emerging industries as national strategy. As the important backup enterprise involving in the national energy security and national economic lifeline, Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited ("GUODIAN TECH") proceeds without hesitation to shoulder social responsibility, focuses on the new round of industrial points of new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, low-carbon technology, etc., keeps exploring the way to develop green energy technology and serve society and fulfils the corporate philosophy of "dedicate to energy technology and build green home". 


Stand at the commanding point of science and technology and develop leading energy-saving and environment-protected technologies

GUODIAN TECH, as one of the state-owned enterprises, regards enhancing independent innovative capability and constructing a new enterprise as its development strategic core, seizes the opportunities of international industry adjustment and shift and production element optimization and reorganization, focuses on the breakthrough of some key core technologies in the energy field and radioactively drives the construction of the modern energy industry system, thus forming a group of emerging industrial clusters with comparative advantages and playing an important role in the development of the state in strategic emerging industries.


Perfect the R&D system and construct a national-level innovative platform

In order to better bring its supporting role in science & technology innovation into full play, GUODIAN TECH is dedicated to the creation of the science & technology working mechanism based on enterprises, guided by market, horizontally combining industries, universities and research institutes and cooperating to innovate and aims to energy saving and emission reduction, pollution control and resource key technology breakthrough so as to find the way for the industry and the state and create a national-level innovative platform for the whole industry. At present, GUODIAN TECH has gathered a group of high-quality science and technology talents, including 450 senior professionals, more than 800 employees with master and doctor degree and over 20 experts entitled to the allowance of the State Council, forming a "national team" with strong innovative strength and able to compete with the experts in the industry at home and abroad. This team, with the dream of "strengthen the nation with science & technology", is rapidly racing to control the commanding point of emerging industry technologies, is promoting enterprise transformation and the transformation of national economic development mode and is struggling and enterprising for the dream of "strengthen the nation with science & technology".


Focus on the promotion of science & technology achievements and drive green social development

For 7 years, GUODIAN TECH has played an important role as an main enterprise in the active drive of the effective combination of science & technology research, technical innovation and industry development, especially, it has promoted the application of energy-saving and environment-protected technologies and new energy high-end equipment, has greatly enhanced the clean, environment-protected and sustainable development of the electric power industry and has boosted the harmonic development of economy, society and ecologic environment of China. Besides, its technologies and products have gone out of China, driving the development of the global energy saving and emission reduction undertaking.


Jointly construct harmonic environment and drive the development of local economy

The companies belonging to and held by GUODIAN TECH are distributed all over China and their development has strengthened and driven the development of some local enterprises of related industries and thus GUODIAN TECH plays a radioactive role and further enriches the local industrial structure, promotes the local employment and drives the progress of urbanization. For years, accumulatively, GUODIAN TECH has invested RMB 3.50 million in the construction of local roads and transformer substations; in addition, it invests annually hundreds of thousands of Yuan in the local education. In a word, it has contributed much to the local economic and social development.

GUODIAN TECH has invested to construct Guodian Science & Technology Exhibition Hall, which, as the energy-saving and environmental protection technology education base of the electric power industry, shows society the overall image of the hi-tech electric power industry in such aspects as new energy, energy saving, environmental protection, automation and informationization, hydropower development, coal development, comprehensive utilization and so on. Moreover, via such media as website, magazine and so on, it publicizes and promotes electric power energy-saving and environment-protected technologies and innovative products, advocates the philosophy of energy saving and environmental protection and calls the low-carbon life.

In case of major disasters in China, GUODIAN TECH always carries forward the Chinese traditional morality of helping those in danger and in need; for successively, it has donated money and materials in the earthquake relief in Sichuan, Yushu and Taiwan, greatly supporting the production and life of the people in the affected area. Only in 2009, the Party members, officers and employees of GUODIAN TECH donated more than RMB 2 million.

Since its establishment, GUODIAN TECH has shouldered the important commitment to develop green energy and promote energy saving and emission reduction and has been struggling for the target of "construct an energy-saving and environment-friendly society". In the future, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Dedicate to Energy Technology and Build Green Home", GUODIAN TECH will continuously have more contributions to the sustainable economic and social development of China.