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Research Strength

Guodian Tech is now undertaking seven national  "863" projects, owning two national Key Labs, one National enterprise's technology R&D Center, several provincial and Ministry enterprise technology R&D Center and institutions, and one post-doctoral research workstation. A working network composing of headquarter, branch companies and holding companies is formed to establish a "Large R&D" model upon which R&D, application and industrialization integrate. This R&D model is able to provide a strong technical support for our company and industry development.

Guodian Tech is continuously strengthening its R&D ability through cooperation with colleges and research institutes such as China Academy of Sciences, Chemical Industry Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Huabei Electric Power University, University of New South Wales, and University of Michigan etc, providing a good platform for talents. Moreover, with the backing of Guodian New Energy Research Institute, Guodian Tech continues to strengthen technical innovation capability and talents introduction. At present, Guodian Tech has attracted many high-quality personnel talents, including 450 senior professional staff, more than 800 staff with master and doctor degree, and more than 20 state council experts for special allowanceto form a strong technical R&D team.

National Key Lab:

National Key Wind Power Equipment and Control Lab

National Key Lab for Energy Tidal Power Generation Technology

Enterprise Technical R&D Center and R&D Organization:

National enterprise's Technical Center of Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd

Engineering Technology Research Center of Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Power Station Automation Engineering Technology Research Center

Wind Power Equipment Reliability Engineering Technology Research Center

Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology Co., Ltd Air Cooling Technology Research Branch

Guodian Technology& Environment Group Corporation Limited Solar Technology Research Institute

Postdoctoral Program:

Postdoctoral Program of Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co., LTD